• Community Service Recognition: Alexis Carreon

Community Service Recognition: Alexis Carreon

Community Service Recognition: Alexis Carreon Children's Clinics honors Weekly In-Clinic & Adaptive Recreation Volunteer with a Community Service Recognition: Alexis Carreon! Alexis is a full-time honors college student at the University of Arizona. She fills her time with volunteering, athletics, and creative activities. Alexis is majoring in physiology and medical sciences and has her eye on being a physical therapist. After seeing a posting in a newsletter on campus, she joined Children’s Clinics as an adaptive recreation volunteer for their soccer season. Alexis immediately connected with the kids in adaptive recreation and stayed on for tennis, dance, theatre, cheer, and rock orchestra. In addition to Adaptive Recreation, Alexis volunteers weekly at Children’s Clinics playing many roles including supporting the rehab and physical therapy teams, photographing special events, designing flyers and other promotional materials, and creating video content for the childhood experiences program. She is a motivated, kind, and generous individual. [...]

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  • Tips for Navigating Holiday Volunteers

Tips for Navigating Holiday Volunteers

Tips for Navigating Holiday Volunteers Holidays encompass many things, including a time of service and giving.  Many people want to give back to their community through volunteer service and as volunteer managers, we should support these volunteers just the same as we support our existing volunteers. Here are some tips for navigating holiday volunteers so they feel welcome in your organization. 5 Tips for Navigating One-Time Holiday Volunteers Prepare the Staff  Single-day volunteers are likely full of questions and it can be a barrier if only the Volunteer Manager knows the answers. Prepare the staff with a document about the volunteer positions and some general FAQ questions and answers about the volunteer event. Chances are, people will also call your organization to learn more, so prep your front-office staff as much as possible!  Be Clear in your Expectations Single-day volunteers may not be familiar with your organization or the event, [...]

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  • Ways to show appreciation to your volunteer manager with photo of people applauding

Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Volunteer Manager

  In honor of International Volunteer Managers Day, we celebrate the achievements of the leaders of volunteers. These are the individuals recruit, train, and engage volunteers throughout the year. They also troubleshoot countless issues that arise, plan stellar events, and implement ways to show appreciation for the service of committed individuals. Volunteer Managers are essential to every organization that utilizes volunteers and NOVEMBER 5TH is a day to recognize that.  Here are some ideas to help your volunteer management teams feel appreciated: Budget friendly Write a thank you email and CC a supervisor.  A lot of work volunteer managers do goes unnoticed. You can help by writing your volunteer management team a thank you note for a job well done and copying their supervisor. Be specific about the ways that they encourage you in your role.  Write a card. Writing a thank you card is always a great way to [...]

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  • SAVMA Volunteer Fair


The Southern Arizona Volunteer Management Association invites you to a volunteer fair at the Reid Park Zoo on Thursday, September 16th from 4:30-7pm. Who can Attend? All members of the public are invited to attend the 2021 annual SAVMA Volunteer & Recognition Fair. Additionally, current volunteers are welcome to attend as a “thank you” from the Southern Arizona nonprofit community. Attendees have the opportunity to explore the zoo during this family-friendly night and enjoy music, raffle prizes, and more. Furthermore, guests can learn about ways to support their community. What organizations will be there? Representatives from local nonprofit organizations will introduce potential volunteers to their important causes.  These organizations include: Interfaith Community Services Big Brothers Big Sisters Easterseals Blake Foundation CASA of Pima County Literacy Connects Youth on their Own Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest And more! What is the cost? Thank you to TMC Foundation and United Way [...]

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5 Tips to Create a Better Resume

When was the last time you updated your resume? If you’re like me, you update your resume when looking for a new job. However, the optimal time is right now! Keeping your resume current at all times takes away the stress of updating your resume during crucial times. 5 tips to create a better resume Keep a master list - Expecting to remember every job and every aspect of that job is unrealistic. Create a master document that you update regularly when you gain more skills. Then go a step further and list out if the job duty highlights soft skills. Below is an example: Developed and implemented a four person task force to collect, analyze, and resolve customer grievances. Customer satisfaction improved by 52% since implementation (leadership, teamwork, communication) Don’t sell yourself short - People often underestimate their skill set, women even more so than men. Therefore, have confidence [...]

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Stay Cool and Stay Safe

Gone are the perfect Tucson days of cool breezes and open windows. Summer is fast approaching; it’s time to start thinking about how to beat the heat. Remaining COVID safe during 100+ degree days will add extra challenges, so here are 5 way to stay cool while staying safe: 5 Ways to Beat the Heat Designate break areas - Taking a break is a necessity. Designate indoor and outdoor break areas so volunteers know where they can rest. For outdoor break areas, shade is a must. White tarps, fans, misters and even potted plants help create an outdoor oasis. Also designate areas where volunteers can remove their masks. Sweaty masks are ineffective so encourage volunteers to bring a space or offer paper mask replacements.  Limit break room capacity - Measure your break space and set an occupancy limit so people are able to distance at least 6 feet apart. To [...]

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Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week

Where would we be without volunteers? If your organization is like the Reid Park Zoo, you would not be able to function as efficiently, nor effectively without volunteers. They keep us organized in the office, do community outreach, and educate guests. They donate time and resources, and ensure the organization is achieving its mission. Volunteers are truly the backbone of many organizations and worth more than the national average of $27.20 per hour. April 18-24th is National Volunteer Week. During this week, and throughout the year, it's important that we celebrate the people who donate their time and talents. We should also take time to recognize the reasons people volunteer. Through this, we can create meaningful opportunities and celebrate them appropriately.  Why people volunteer: Personal ties - many people volunteer because they have a connection to the organization. For these volunteers, create activities that directly relate to the mission, as [...]

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SAVMA Awards 2019, an inaugural Event a Smashing Success!

SAVMA Awards 2019, an inaugural Event a Smashing Success! On January 17, 2019, we successfully welcomed more than 50 unique nonprofit organizations to the celebrate volunteerism in Southern Arizona! We acknowledged nearly 400 registrants and 28 sponsors at our inaugural event. We received very positive feedback from attendees and are looking to 2020 to recreate the magic of the celebration at the SAVMA Awards on January 16, 2020. Highlights include: 320 attendees, 20 honorees and 5 major awardees (with over 50 nominations submitted)! We didn't just celebrate our volunteers, we celebrated our Volunteer Administrators! Keynote Speaker, Vicki Clark, spoke about her early career as a Volunteer Administrator, when she was learned the ropes and was the "most inspired." She also was met with a room full of applause when she noted that "Independent Sector released the 2018 value of volunteer time of $25.43. That's their assessment of the value [...]

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