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  • Career Growth Through Professional Associations

Career Growth Through Professional Associations

Career Growth Through Professional Associations How much time should one invest weekly in a professional association? What do you need to ensure maximum career growth through professional associations? How do you choose the right associations? It turns out there is some pretty good recommendations out there to light our paths as Volunteer Managers in this area. Business Network International (BNI) founder, Dr. Ivan Misner, suggests that successful networkers spend between 8-10 hours per week networking in a professional setting. Dr. Misner, shared at length his experience and his research on professional networks in the BNI Podcast, Episode 528: How Many Networks, How Many Hours?  Networking is part of Professional Development Harvard Business Review, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Google all agree that networking and professional development time should be between 5-10 hours per week. Some of this time is dedicated to "knowledge acquisition" and some of this time is dedicated to "skills [...]

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  • SAVMA Volunteer Fair


The Southern Arizona Volunteer Management Association invites you to a volunteer fair at the Reid Park Zoo on Thursday, September 16th from 4:30-7pm. Who can Attend? All members of the public are invited to attend the 2021 annual SAVMA Volunteer & Recognition Fair. Additionally, current volunteers are welcome to attend as a “thank you” from the Southern Arizona nonprofit community. Attendees have the opportunity to explore the zoo during this family-friendly night and enjoy music, raffle prizes, and more. Furthermore, guests can learn about ways to support their community. What organizations will be there? Representatives from local nonprofit organizations will introduce potential volunteers to their important causes.  These organizations include: Interfaith Community Services Big Brothers Big Sisters Easterseals Blake Foundation CASA of Pima County Literacy Connects Youth on their Own Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest And more! What is the cost? Thank you to TMC Foundation and United Way [...]

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Reframing Networking: Creating Intentional Relationships

Some people hear the word "networking" and cringe. Thoughts of meeting random people and forcing a connection can make anyone feel uncomfortable, but it doesn't have to be so nerve-wracking. Networking is more about asking for guidance and direction, and using these tips below, you can reshape your definition of networking and how to use it as a tool. What is networking? Every interaction is a networking opportunity when you think about it. You may meet someone at the store who can fix a broken window later down the road. You can also meet professionals who can help you secure a new job. However, the best way to network is to create an intentional connection with a person, organization, or business where both parties benefit. Don't just look for a way to get ahead, as networking to get ahead will just put you further behind.   Tips to Consider for Networking [...]

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5 Tips to Create a Better Resume

When was the last time you updated your resume? If you’re like me, you update your resume when looking for a new job. However, the optimal time is right now! Keeping your resume current at all times takes away the stress of updating your resume during crucial times. 5 tips to create a better resume Keep a master list - Expecting to remember every job and every aspect of that job is unrealistic. Create a master document that you update regularly when you gain more skills. Then go a step further and list out if the job duty highlights soft skills. Below is an example: Developed and implemented a four person task force to collect, analyze, and resolve customer grievances. Customer satisfaction improved by 52% since implementation (leadership, teamwork, communication) Don’t sell yourself short - People often underestimate their skill set, women even more so than men. Therefore, have confidence [...]

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Resilience: a Vital Tool for LoVs

Resilience: a Vital Tool for LoVs Nicole R. Smith, CVA, knows resilience is a vital tool for LoVs.  What is it exactly? Why is it so important? How do you build it? In this candid talk we will examine how to navigate the hurdles that you may encounter during your volunteer manager (leader of volunteers) journey to build the resilience needed for both you and your volunteer program grow and flourish. Join SAVMA and Nicole for the September 17, 2020 program, Resilience: a vital Tool for LoVs. Learning Objectives for the Program Setting small attainable goals Finding Your Voice Obtaining Institutional Buy In Building a Strong Support System Overcoming the urge to give up Presenter Biography Nicole Smith is a Panamanian-American, single mother, workforce development specialist, dancer, motivational speaker and published author of many inspirational journals including 101 Affirmations for Volunteer Administrators, Non-Profit Professionals and Professional Women (available for sale [...]

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Exciting professional development opportunities for volunteer managers right here in Tucson!

Exciting professional development opportunities for volunteer managers right here in Tucson!   SAVMA has been chosen to become a host for a 1 day online conference for the Association for Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE) the only national membership organization for those who manage volunteers. Register HERE There will be Four 90 minute presentations from dynamic, knowledgeable, and engaging trainers that will be live streamed to our group. Our Presenters: Rob Jackson – Rob  Jackson Consulting Limited – How to Develop as a Volunteer Manager                What do you want from a career in working with volunteers? Do you even see volunteer management as a career or just a step towards something else? How can you take control of your professional development? Drawing on his own personal career journey, Rob will help you focus on how you can develop as a volunteer manager and what options are available to you to [...]

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