SAVMA’s Wildest Dreams

With the 2016 growth of SAVMA’s “Wildest Dreams” as a springboard, a new framework for the Strategic Plan is inspired by an age of “Data Measurement for Impact” – using data analytics, and artificial intelligence to amplify the efforts of human potential. Inspired by our vision, centered by our values, defined by our mission, and built by a diversity of our members; this plan reflects a reimagining of possibility. It serves as a roadmap for SAVMA’s growth and impact in the future.

Strategic Directions

The strategic directions crafted by leadership are an investment in our future character. They are the paths chosen, knowing there are others left behind.

  • Strategic Direction: Facilitate valuable connections between partners, peers, and members.
    1. Goal: Define the SAVMA ecosystem.
    2. Goal: Create a system for members to share resources, practices, and success stories.
    3. Goal: Host regular networking events, both in-person and virtual.
    4. Goal: Establish member “communities of practice.”
    5. Goal: Develop a structured “buddy” program.
  • Strategic Direction: Align the volunteer engagement professional learning & development program, with industry standards (what you know) and competencies (how well you do it) integrating inclusive and culturally aware trainings, events, activities, networking, and curated external programs.
    1. Goal: Develop a comprehensive competency framework for VEPs with proficiency levels.
    2. Goal: Onboard and integrate an online learning management system with SAVMA’s membership systems to track skills development.
    3. Goal: Organize regular workshops, webinars, and conferences on relevant topics aligned to standards and competencies.
    4. Goal: Develop and implement a competency-based “interactive skills program.”
  • Strategic Direction: Empower members to self-promote using local member data and resources.
    1. Goal: Provide tools, research, and benchmarks to track and measure local volunteer impact.
    2. Goal: Provide a resource library with templates, best practices, and toolkits for volunteer management.
    3. Goal: Collaborate with media outlets to share success stories and case studies.

SAVMA Leadership

It takes many hands to do the work for a professional association. Leadership roles in professional associations, like SAVMA, provide excellent opportunities to gain career advancement experience. Never worked with a budget, or staff? How about a leadership position for an event? Or Event Committee? Training is provided. Get involved, and raise your professional game!