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As a membership association, leadership holds themselves accountable to a high degree of transparency in all things including SAVMA policies. All policies are published here for public and membership access. Policies are developed and approved by committees before being approved by the board of directors. This process ensures the maximum number of subject matter experts have reviewed documents for clarity, ease of use, relevance, intent and accuracy.  Questions from members are encouraged through our contact form.

SAVMA Policies


2020_12_03_Finance Policies and Procedures_Approved

2020_12_03_Document Retention Policy_Approved

2020_09_11_Partner Organizational Membership Policy_Approved

2020_09_11_Membership Categories and Benefits_Approved

2020_08_14_Communications Committee Charter_Approved

2017_06_16_Privacy Policy

2017_04_21_Governance & Administration Committee Charter_Approved

2017_02_17_Membership Committee Charter_Approved

2017_02_17_Programs and Events Committee Charter_Approved

2013_01_07_Conflicts of Interest Policy & Disclosure

2013_01_07_Member Code of Ethics

2013_01_07_Whistleblower Policy

Types of Policies

All corporations, nonprofit or for profit corporations have policies that establish the way the organization will operate and behave. Government entities mandate policies such as, conflict of interest policies, and whistleblower policies. By comparison, associations establish standard policies such as code of ethics, or competency standards.

SAVMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are open to members only and you must sign-in to view them.

Association Policies and Transparency 

Additional information about association transparency is available from the American Society of Association Executives.