SAVMA Member Code of Ethics

SAVMA member code of ethics was adopted December 2013 by the membership. Ethical standards are a way to hold members individually accountable. Collectively ethics will hold organizations accountable to the profession as a whole.

As professionals who work with volunteers and support volunteerism in the community, we commit to following for…

 the Volunteers, I pledge:

  • To treat volunteers with respect and dignity
  • To create a safe working environment
  • To protect volunteers from risk
  • To provide adequate training and empowerment to accomplish assigned tasks
  • To give frequent, positive feedback
  • To provide an environment free of discrimination
  • To allow volunteers to offer feedback and constructive input into the program
  • To involve volunteers in decisions that affect them
  • To maintain confidentiality with respect to private information

 my organization, I pledge:

  • To represent and practice professionalism in the field of voluntarism in the community
  • To create and administer a program that benefits the organization and furthers its mission
  • To foster a sense of loyalty and appreciation within the volunteer corps
  • To attain professional standards by developing guidelines, policies, and processes that ensure fairness and

 my professional development, I pledge:

  • To participate in professional development every year
  • To stay abreast of changes, trends, legal issues, and challenges that affect volunteerism
  • To maintain professional connections that will enhance my knowledge and my organization’s integration in the sector

*adopted by SAVMA membership in December 2013

Organizational members are asked to adopt the SAVMA Member Code of Ethics at the board level. To reduce the administrative burden of this requirement SAVMA encourages organizations to link their volunteer page to the SAVMA member code of ethics. Organizational members should also update their directory profile regularly.

Council for Certification of Volunteer Administrators

Ethical standards are one of the hallmarks of a profession. One of CCVA’s core strategic priorities is to inspire and encourage practitioners to apply an ethical lens to their work with volunteers.  Professional Ethics in Volunteer Administration Core Values and Principles.