Community Service Recognition: Alexis Carreon

Children’s Clinics honors Weekly In-Clinic & Adaptive Recreation Volunteer with a Community Service Recognition: Alexis Carreon! Alexis is a full-time honors college student at the University of Arizona. She fills her time with volunteering, athletics, and creative activities. Alexis is majoring in physiology and medical sciences and has her eye on being a physical therapist.

After seeing a posting in a newsletter on campus, she joined Children’s Clinics as an adaptive recreation volunteer for their soccer season. Alexis immediately connected with the kids in adaptive recreation and stayed on for tennis, dance, theatre, cheer, and rock orchestra. In addition to Adaptive Recreation, Alexis volunteers weekly at Children’s Clinics playing many roles including supporting the rehab and physical therapy teams, photographing special events, designing flyers and other promotional materials, and creating video content for the childhood experiences program.

She is a motivated, kind, and generous individual. Alexis takes initiative, goes above and beyond, and is always eager and willing to help. When asked how she stays inspired while juggling a heavy class load, volunteering, and her many other commitments, she said, “I like to stay busy, but even when I’m feeling fatigued and overwhelmed, I tell myself, ‘you didn’t get this far just to get this far; you still have much further to go. I have dedicated this time to making a difference and growing myself, and I have learned so much. I can choose to have a bright outlook on the future. That’s what motivates me to keep moving forward.”

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