Gabriela Cervantes: Community Service Recognition

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona submitted Gabriela Cervantes for Community Service Recognition in 2024. She is a Marketing Specialist for Snell & Wilmer, and the founder of Gabriela with one L Consulting. Additionally she facilitates University of Arizona courses, is an Independent Fora Travel Advisor, serves on the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona Board of Directors and is a “Big Sister.”

Gabriela, while originally from Nogales, has been a Tucson mover and shaker for over 25 years. She has served on many nonprofit boards, fundraising committees, and leadership councils over the years. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona is privileged to have had her time, talent, and treasure for the past six years. Gabriela was matched to her Little Sister in 2013, when her Little was just six years old. In 2018, she joined the Board of Directors and has been a key asset ever since.

Gabriela Cervantes: Key Leadership Role

Gabriela is Chairing the Board Development and Strategic Planning Committee. Her past leadership as the Stewardship Committee Chair highlights her progressive leadership interests. Gabriela continues to enjoy having an impact on her community, one-on-one as a mentor and as a leader for positive change.

“I’m a connector who empowers others, whether that be supporting others to pursue their dreams, be smarter professionals or just better humans. I know a little about a lot of things and I believe in sharing information openly and in abundance. What’s the point of learning so much if I’m going to keep it to myself?”

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