Community Service Recognition: Linda Down

Reid Park Zoo honors retired educator and volunteer Docent, with Community Service Recognition: to Linda Down! As a volunteer Docent, Linda engages Reid Park Zoo guests by utilizing interpretive artifact stations and handling small animals, educating about species natural history, individual history, and conveying conservation messaging and actions; she is instrumental in furthering the Zoo’s mission “to create inspiring memories for all by connecting people and animals to ensure the protection of wild animals and wild places.”

Linda is also a Docent Mentor, training new Docents on a number of artifact stations, running the giraffe encounter, species and habitat conservation concerns, and in interpretive techniques. In addition to her daily volunteer duties, Linda routinely assists with special evening events educating guests and assisting staff with a number of tasks. Linda is proactive, and where she sees a need, she will take steps to become qualified to fill the gap; and if there is ever a task or event that needs extra help, Linda is always the first to volunteer! During her 21 years volunteering with Reid Park Zoo, Linda has single-handedly educated in excess of 100,000 Zoo guests!

It’s not just all that she has done and continues to do for Reid Park Zoo, but her selfless dedication to constantly make our programs and organization a leader in the community that is an inspiration to all of us to strive for greatness. She truly leads by example, whether she’s mentoring new Docents, educating guests, or taking on special projects, she is one in a million! She has shaped and enriched the lives of many people!

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