Community Service Recognition: James Geringer

Easterseals Blake Foundation honored event volunteer with a Community Service Recognition. James Geringer is flexible and versatile, two skills that serve the organization well in his role as a special event volunteer. Additionally, the the events team describe him as passionate, reliable, cooperative, patient, creative, energetic, positive, willing to help, compassionate and organized.

Without ever being asked, and with a smile on his face, James signs up for the holiday food box project. His willingness to fill in last minute or serve as a floater has made him an essential part of the team. From making the 100 mile trip for “Blues in Bisbee” to help out with a few small tasks, to popping into Mr. An’s before his day job for event set up. He has an ever courteous attitude to guests, volunteers, and clients alike leaving all with a positive and lasting impression of Easterseals Blake Foundation.

James does the heavy lifting, literally. When one of the residential homes for residents with severe disabilities required renovation to a backyard slab, he brought his sledgehammer. Despite the 110 degree weather, James continued breaking apart the slab to ensure delivery of the pea gravel. His dedication to providing a safe space for Easterseals clients is truly the reason that James is most deserving of the Community Service Recognition.

“Be good. Do Good” James Geringer

Community Service Recognition

SAVMA Awards 2024 include the Community Service Recognition for James Geringer.

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