Jennifer Gust: Community Service Recognition

Jennifer Gust: Community Service Recognition recipient has been an integral part of our workplace at Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona. After having been a girl member all the way through Girl Scouts, to her High School graduation, Jennifer continued her relationship with the organization by becoming a volunteer. For 11 years now, she is happy to jump into the work of any team. Jennifer is a positive and beautiful energy in our offices, assisting staff with their workloads. We all are so happy to nominate her for this honor!

At Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, every Girl Scout has their own curiosity, dreams, and talents. When they come together to decide which of the thousands of Girl Scout activities to try, the sky’s the limit. Whether visiting an animal shelter, camping, hosting a dance-off, or filming a movie—they’re learning to take risks, trust their gut, and team up with others for good.

“Of course!” are the words that you will most likely hear from Jennifer when you ask for her assistance. She will take on any task with a smile and a cheerful heart!

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