Present a Program

We are looking for individual(s) to present a professional development program that will inspire new thinking and provide immediate ways to put theory to action. Programs should last 45 minutes and include 15 minutes of Q and A.

The majority of programs are the third Thursday of every month at 3:30PM at Habitat for Humanity (3501 N. Mountain). Some programs are offered as hybrids, while others are offered entirely online.

With 92 registered voting members and an average of 50 individuals participating in online membership meetings, SAVMA is a growing association. Individuals come from a wide range of organizations including; education, health, human services, housing, animal welfare, environment, religious and social benefit organizations. Member experience ranges from new to the field to those having more than 40 years of experience in volunteer management.

Program Selection

The Programs and Events Committee reviews proposals for content alignment with member needs and overall suitability with SAVMA’s strategic goals. Additionally, the annual schedule aides in the selection process. If selected, committee leadership provides information the date for which you will be assigned.

The Program and Events Committee will answer any questions via email at with the subject line: SAVMA Program Presenter

Please complete this brief form here:

SAVMA prints handouts for presentations up to one week prior to the presentation; the speaker is responsible for handouts not delivered by the deadline.

Presenters representing companies that provide services for a fee to nonprofit organizations are permitted to bring promotional information and to be available to participants after the program concludes.

There is a no solicitation or sales policy during programs. Self promotion and business promotion is acceptable at the conclusion of a program and as a final slide.

Industry Standards (a good targe to Present a Program)

The seven professional standards guide the SAVMA professional development program. Standards describe not only what we know, but provide a philosophical framework for volunteer engaging organizations. This framework of standards help us to build capacity, be agile, resilient and better prepared to make and impact with our missions while fully engaging volunteers. We do this through:

    • Strategic Volunteer Engagement Planning
    • Advocating for Volunteer Professionals and Volunteer Involvement (Staff Buy-In)
    • Attracting and Onboarding a Volunteer Workforce (Recruit and Screen)
    • Preparing Volunteers for Their Roles (Orient and Train)
    • Documenting Volunteer Involvement (Supervise and Support)
    • Managing Volunteer Performance and Impact (Continuous Quality Improvement)
    • Acknowledging, Celebrating and Sustaining Volunteer Involvement