Typically, when we think of the library we think of books. But the library offers a wealth of resources both in-person and online that are always free to use, from events to learning tools to help with pretty much anything. While these include fun pastimes like streaming services, the seed library, and one-on-one writing consultations with Writer In Residence Wynne Brown, the library offers a variety of professional resources as well. 

Resources include: 

1. Ignite: Business & Nonprofits | Pima County Public Library

Ignite is a hub for services for businesses and nonprofits. The website can connect you to resources including grant and foundation databases, free online grantseeker training, sample proposals, fundraising info, nonprofit management skill-building, and more. Ignite also publishes monthly newsletters, one for business news and resources, and one for grant opportunities

2. Online Courses

If your organization or volunteers are interested in expanding their skills, the library recommends multiple platforms that offer free online courses including coursera and edX. Course topic areas include marketing, communications, research, strategy, leadership and management.

3. Job and Career Help
The library offers both in-person and online assistance with career exploration, finding jobs, resume and interview preparation, and a variety of skill-building tools. Browse the website hub, join an online session, or attend an in-person workshop. The library is also part of Pima County’s One Stop Career Center and is a valuable place to advertise open positions as well as look for work. 

4. Community Information

The website is also a quality resource for research and community knowledge. The library website houses databases related to the Tucson community, government and civic society as well as community services and resources available such as free wifi in Tucson, finding a lawyer, or free/low-cost mental health services. In addition, it is a portal to outside resources such as the MAP, a tool that reports indicators on Southern Arizona’s progress in six dimensions and the data behind them

5. Expert help at finding information on…anything! 

“If we don’t know the answer, we’ll help you find it.” If there’s something else you need information on or assistance with, the library reference team are experts and here to help. Find the information you need by calling the library’s Infoline at 520-791-4010, by sending your question to Ask a Librarian, or visiting your nearest branch in-person and talking to a staff member.


Compiled and written by: Hannah Frome, AmeriCorps VISTA