Eric Majchrzak: Community Service Recognition

Eric Majchrzak, Community Service Recognition recipient from ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation willingly gives his time and experience. He helps grow the Center’s Leadership Council into a collection of champions, who fully align to advance the mission. As a result of Eric’s leadership, our Center realizes greater levels of achievement and impact than ever in our 25-year history.

Eric is a volunteer extraordinaire. He leads our Leadership Council, the constituted board of our Center, with humility. His purpose-driven approach successfully engages others. Nothing speaks to Eric’s abilities as a volunteer leader more than his contributions over the past 18 months, by guiding our Center’s strategic efforts. During that time-frame, Eric led an extensive planning effort to assure our long-term relevancy and sustainability. His keen understanding of how to shape the future by placing a premium on listening to stake holders. Accordingly, this is one of several ways that Eric demonstrates a focus on what matters most.

Unquestionably, volunteers and staff extraordinarily like, respect, and highly value Eric. He exerts a positive force of quiet, effective, energy in every interaction is welcoming, and sets the bar high for those who follow. Eric employs a “service above self” approach to leadership through his travel commitment. Eric and his family reside in Tucson, where his firm is headquartered. The Center headquarters are located in Phoenix and Eric prioritizes in person attendance. Markedly, Eric is a treasure as a volunteer leader in/through the Center. He enjoys the utmost respect of staff, other volunteers, and a myriad of on-campus and off-campus community stakeholders. This Community Service acknowledgement is most appropriate and Eric is an exemplary choice for such recognition.

“A focus on the right strategy can help assure organizational viability, relevance and sustainability.” Eric Majchrzak

Community Service Recognition

Community Service Recognitions’, including the one received by Eric Majchrzak, are given at the annual SAVMA Awards. These recognitions and awards draw attention to the essential work of volunteers and the profession of volunteer program management.

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