Art Hoffman: Community Service Recognition

Arthur Hoffman is a Community Service Recognition recipient for his loyal volunteer service to Habitat for Humanity Tucson since 2011. Contributing in countless ways, Art not only gives Habitat Tucson his precious time, but the gift of wisdom, skills, and tremendous professional experience.

In his time with Habitat Tucson, he leads the IT efforts, participates in construction, lays new flooring, attends and builds at events such as the Veteran Builds, Women’s Builds and more. Moreover, he is counted on for strategic consultation in the areas of technology and project management.

Art is an active ambassador and advocate for the work at Habitat Tucson. He traveled internationally with Habitat for Humanity on three, 4-month assignments in France, Australia, Scotland, and Japan. With over 34+ years of experience at IBM leading IT standards worldwide, large contracts and project management, Habitat Tucson is grateful to leverage his many gifts.

Lastly, if there is ever a dance party, we know who to call! Watch out Travolta, here comes Art Hoffman!

“Wow look at all of those tabs open” -Art

Community Service Recognition

Community Service Recognitions, including the one received by Art Hoffman, are given at the annual SAVMA Awards. These recognitions and awards are part of a larger strategic effort to draw attention to the essential work of volunteers and the profession of volunteer program management.

Member Organization

As Art’s story shows, not all volunteer positions at Habitat for Humanity Tucson are about swinging hammers. There are actually a variety of needs and opportunities.