2023 Youth Volunteer Award

Tucson, Sep. 13 — Felipe Garcia, a Commissioner on the Arizona Governor’s Youth Commission, will receive the 2023 Youth Volunteer Award from the Southern Arizona Volunteer Management Association (SAVMA).

SAVMA will honor young Mr. Garcia on January 18, 2024 at the third annual, SAVMA Awards. The awards recognize all levels of volunteerism including individuals, nonprofits and corporations.

Felipe’s leadership on the Governor’s Youth Commission (GYC) is evident throughout his three years of service. He wrote reports on youth mental health in Arizona, and as Vice President, he presented these reports to the Arizona House of Representatives Ad Hoc Committee on Teen Mental Health and the Pima Behavioral Health Coalition. Beyond regular duties, Felipe collaborated with the GYC’s Domestic Violence Workgroup to expand their donation drive to Tucson. Despite setbacks, Felipe worked with his school to collect approximately $2,600.00 in donations for a local domestic violence shelter. Felipe’s commitment to positive change is seen in his mentoring, advising, and efforts to extend GYC’s reach to southern Arizona. His leadership has made a lasting impact on the GYC, his peers, and the community.


About the Arizona Governor’s Youth Commission

  • The Governor’s Youth Commission (GYC) is a diverse body of high school students from across the State, which represents the demographic and geographic diversity of Arizona.
  • Commissioners work to identify and address the greatest challenges facing Arizona’s youth through innovative community impact projects, establishing partnerships with young leaders across the state, and advising the Governor.
  • The GYC is committed to empowering generations of civically engaged and service-oriented leaders to create a brighter future for Arizona.
  • Commissioner selection is based on their demonstrated commitment to their school, and their community. Required throughout the application process are effective oral and written communication skills.

About Southern Arizona Volunteer Management Association

  • SAVMA first established as a professional association for volunteer administrators in 1996. Its mission is to promote excellence in volunteer program management; to provide educational programs, leadership, information, resources, as well as networking opportunities; and to support Southern Arizona’s volunteer community.
  • SAVMA will host the third annual SAVMA Awards  on January 18, 2024 at the Tucson Convention Center Ballroom.

 To learn more about this year’s honorees and get updates on the celebration, visit savma.org.