Zainab Rana: Community Service Recognition

Children’s Museum Tucson celebrated Discovery Nights volunteer, Zainab Rana: Community Service Recognition recipient at the SAVMA Awards 2024. 

Zainab has been volunteering regularly during Discovery Nights programming at the Children’s Museum Tucson helping run the program alongside paid staff members. Discovery Night is every Thursday evening and it is free admission during the time the program runs, so they see many visitors.

Zainab helps run the activity planned for each Discovery Night by learning how to do it and showing children and their families how to do it too. She has helped with several different activities, including during some very highly attended nights, and she knows the drill at this point. When she arrives for Discovery Night, she jumps right in and at the end of the activity, she helps wrap up and organize things before the event ends.

The staff have noticed how Zainab has opened up to children and their families and seems more and more confident engaging with the children and families while helping them with the activity. She balances this volunteer work with several other responsibilities including going to school, working on college applications, and participating in other extracurricular activities. She seems to manage her time very well. Zainab deserves recognition for her time spent volunteering because she is consistent, takes initiative, and has a wonderful attitude.


“I always have fun at the Children’s Museum!” Zainab Rana



SAVMA Awards 2024 include the Community Service Recognition for Zainab Rana. Check out the fun.

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