Heather Volpe: Community Service Recognition

Raquel Cooley from Nova Home Loans would like to recognize Heather Volpe with a Community Service Recognition. She is a nurturing mother with a heart committed to service. Heather embarked on her remarkable volunteer journey over 20 years ago. Her altruistic path began at the Tucson Community School, where she actively participated in the parent co-op, fostering an early appreciation for community engagement in her children. Heather’s dedication soon enlarged beyond the school gates, leading her to the Boys and Girls Clubs and the Girl Scouts, where her nurturing spirit finds a natural home. She imparts valuable lessons of leadership and community service to the next generation.

Heather’s volunteerism is a testament to her diverse and enduring impact. From ladling soup at Casa Maria and the Gospel Rescue Mission, to wielding a hammer with Habitat for Humanity. She embodies the principle that compassion knows no bounds. Her involvement with the Women’s Shelter and Ronald McDonald House highlights her commitment to providing comfort and support during challenging times. She’s also a passionate advocate for children’s welfare. Heather’s volunteer work with the Department of Child Safety underscores her dedication to the most vulnerable members of society. At the Hope Foundation, Youth On Their Own, and New Beginnings, she extends a compassionate hand to individuals navigating difficult transitions, while her involvement with Miracle en El Barrio, Care Portal, and Prince Elementary demonstrates her commitment to empowering under-served communities.

Heather’s generosity transcends borders as she packs meals at Feed My Starving Children. Heather’s service is a testament to the enduring impact of a mother’s love channeled into community action. Her legacy resonates not only in the myriad organizations she has touched but in the countless lives enriched by her dedication.

“It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice.”

Community Service Recognition

Community Service Recognitions, including the one received by Heather Volpe, are given at the annual SAVMA Awards. These recognitions and awards are part of a larger strategic effort to draw attention to the essential work of volunteers and the profession of volunteer program management.