willing and able survey4 minute- willing and able survey!

Members, did you take the “willing and able survey?”

The adage it take a village to raise a child, serves rather well when talking about the care of a membership association. The question before you as a member today is, are you willing and able to serve your profession? There survey is not meant to make members feel bad, but rather to identify barriers to leadership and remove them.


Members might be very willing to serve, but completely lack the ability. This could be the case, but we cannot guess. Tell us! That is all we are asking. Take two minutes and tell us you are willing, but not able. Perhaps you are not willing, because you do not like the current leadership. That is ok too. Be honest, the survey is anonymous. Maybe you even think SAVMA is a waste of time. Be honest, but please give feedback.


What is the ability of members to participate in leadership? 15 years ago, many positions were hourly and so the ability to participate was limited to salaried positions or those who had very supportive supervisors. This was a key learning for SAVMA. This survey is important and we need members to participate.

Take the Willing and Able Survey

The survey has not taken anyone longer than 4 minutes to complete.

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If you have questions about the work of a leadership position, such as any of the committees (where the work happens) take a look at the committee charters. If you have questions about the work after that or the time commitment, send an email to our Secretary, Jill LaBrie, at savmatucson@gmail.com.