C-Suite Must-Dos for your Volunteer Program

October is a big volunteer month

These C-Suite must-dos for your volunteer program will remind you why you need SAVMA and why your volunteer engagement professionals depend on the association. Members of the volunteer management community are hard at work at recruitment events, fundraisers, interviews, orientations, planning meetings, outreach events, and conferences. Well, actually that sounds like a lot.

Unfortunately, since the pandemic this breakneck pace has become the volunteer management way. Volunteer management professionals continue to operate at emergency levels of activity with no end in site. Below are a few must-do actions to take right now to show your support and to help ease the burden.

C-Suite Must Dos Right Now

  1. Discuss SAVMA Leadership positions with your volunteer engagement staff and why you support their 2024 participation. Without your support of their professional development they will not be able to prioritize this. This should be included as a professional developments goal. Not any leadership service will do, Lifting up your own profession requires a certain amount of grit and professionalism.
  2. Ensure you have registered staff to attend the Annual International Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference on October 17th. 
  3. Plan something for Volunteer Manager’s Day, November 5th.
  4. Purchase your table for the SAVMA Awards 2024,Presented by the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family
  5. Verify your SAVMA membership, update your profile, view your directory listing, and link your volunteer page to the SAVMA code of ethics.

Bonus #6, the Budget Builder

Many SAVMA Members have shared a lack of budget authority. Therefore, strategic volunteer engagement initiatives, such as the Service Enterprise Initiative may not have risen to your level.

Please speak with your staff member for consideration of this process as it has a direct financial and human ROI.

This list is not all inclusive and does not correct pay issues or understaffing.