Please note the early time! Location is still Habitat for Humanity. 

A Brief Welcome from a Very Special Guest joining us all the way from Oregon:
Gretchen Jordan, CVA

Gretchen Jordan, CVA, is the AL!VE Association Manager.  She will give a short presentation on what’s happening on the national level on Volunteer Engagement issues and share her Top Ten Tips for Advocating for yourself, your professional development, and your program.
As you all know SAVMA is a member of AL!VE which is the only national professional organization for those who manage or lead volunteers.

This Super Special visit from AL!VE is not something you will want to miss.


Stop Doing the Same Old Thing for Recognition!

Recognition is the single greatest missed opportunity by most volunteer managers. If you’re still doing the same event or giving a tchotchke as the way to recognize your volunteers, you’re are missing the chance to utilize recognition to retain and engage your volunteers. It doesn’t take more money or more time to achieve better results, it takes making a change.

Recognition that is personalized and meaningful results in greater volunteer satisfaction, retention, financial giving and engagement, which also means less recruitment for you!

Make your recognition efforts work harder for you.

Who: Linda Llewellyn
Founder & President of Celebrate Volunteers is joining us from Glendale, Arizona.
With 25 Years experience in the Volunteer Management field working with the John C. Lincoln Health Network, and the South Bay Free Clinic previously.