Oh no, we have a last minute change in speaker. Unfortunately Allison Titcomb will not be able to join us this month to discuss benchmarks and volunteer outcomes. However, your Membership Committee has a plan and we need you to attend!

Tori Carlson, Volunteer Manager at Interfaith Community Services, SAVMA Member, and brand new Certified Volunteer Administrator, will host an interactive workshop on identifying metrics. Participants will engage with the CVA Competency Framework to identify Key Performance Indicators that are being used by SAVMA members. You will have a chance to discuss your challenges in setting metrics and to find solutions from your peers. Jennifer Lohse will be on hand to facilitate this work so we can leave the room with a document of sample goals with Key Performance Indicators aligned with the CVA competencies. This tool will be available for SAVMA members only following the meeting or for those in the room at this meeting. We cannot wait to learn from you!