Future of Volunteering with Sarah Sladek

November Program

Future of Volunteering with Sarah SladekWe hope you join us online this Thursday November 19, 2020 from 3:30 – 5:00pm MST for: The Future of Volunteering with Sarah Sladek: What Organizations Need to do NOW to Prepare. 

Volunteering did not die in this pandemic, but the era when volunteer organizations could just count on volunteers joining and serving in pre-pandemic roles has passed. Volunteer organizations need to embrace change and innovate if they are to survive. They need to remain relevant and competitive so they can thrive in this era of disruption.

Sarah Sladek, CEO, Sarah Sladek & Companies, LLC, XYZ University & Membership University, has developed a proven methodology on how to do volunteerism in the 21st century, effectively equipping volunteer organizations with the insights and tools they need to successfully grow volunteerism in this changing marketplace while providing guidance and a succession plan to future-proof any volunteer organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a better understanding of marketplace, and how innovations in technology and the unpredictable economy are all likely having a detrimental effect on volunteer engagement.
  • Identify the primary obstacles preventing your organization’s competitiveness and growth in the Talent Economy.
  • Learn how to increase value and grow volunteer engagement among younger generations.
  • Gain insights into the trends and shifts likely to challenge your organization over the next year.

About the Speaker: 

Sarah Sladek is a best-selling author, speaker, and CEO. Since 2002, her life’s work has been dedicated to helping organizations engage future generations of members and talent.

As a leading researcher of generational shifts, membership engagement, employee engagement, change management, and collaboration, Sarah Sladek provides the strategy and next generation intelligence organizations need to successfully respond to change, plan for their futures, foster collaborative cultures, and realize unprecedented growth.

Her latest book, Talent Generation, is based on several years of research. It identifies the core strategies essential to engaging talent, reducing turnover, and helping organizations create a 21st century organization. She includes the strategies needed to compete in a disruptive market.

In addition to being a renowned thought leader, Sarah is the founder and CEO of XYZ University and “coming soon” Membership University, guiding organizations via a future-focused turn-around membership consulting and leadership training company. Sarah and her team help organizations worldwide grow membership and reduce employee and volunteer turnover. They do this through the delivery of team trainings and the development of membership and employee engagement strategies.

She authored 3 best-selling books for ASAE, the American Society for Association Executives. Sarah is one of the most influential membership futurists, and experts in the US, and across globe. The depth of Sarah’s expertise is unparalleled, she has been helping membership organizations change and innovate ever since the release of her ground breaking 2011 book The End of Membership as We Know It.

Future of Volunteering with Sarah Sladek

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