Make It Happen Now, LLC, (MIHN) offers a virtual study group for CVA candidates that begins July 13th.  Facilitated by the managing partners, CVAs themselves, the study groups help candidates learn from each other through weekly discussions.  Over the last four years, our participants have come from throughout the U.S. and Canada with experience in a variety of volunteer settings.  A whopping 100% of our participants state they would recommend the study group to their colleagues or friends.

Our Study Groups are especially helpful to those who may have:

  • Test anxiety
  • Volunteer administration experience in limited settings or organizations
  • No access to local study groups
  • Little or no exam experience for several years, and/or
  • Those who want to best prepare themselves for the exam.

The MIHN CVA Study Group helps candidates pace themselves as they study the CCVA recommended texts and keeps them focused on their goal of passing the exam.

We thank you for your assistance in spreading the word about our MIHN CVA Study Groups and wish you and your association a productive year ahead!


Mary Ella Douglas, CVA and Melissa Gilmore, M.Ed., CVA

Managing Partners

Make It Happen Now, LLC

Achieving Optimal Volunteer Engagement

Mary Ella Douglas, CVA

Managing Partner

Make It Happen Now, LLC

Achieving Optimal Volunteer Engagement

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