Community Service Recognition: Anthony Barrasso

In January, SAVMA celebrated volunteerism at the 2020 SAVMA Awards, a volunteer recognition event for all of Southern Arizona. Organizations were invited to nominate individuals for a Community Service Recognition in honor of their exceptional giving and spirit of service. Throughout the month of April, we will be highlighting these individuals and their nomination as part of VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION MONTH!

Anthony Barrasso: COO, In Balance Continuum of Care

“Anthony Barrasso and the entire Barrasso family have been long time supporters of Children’s Clinics. Their support originated as the creators of our famous Halloween haunted house that has been an annual treat for many years. In 2018, Anthony proposed a “Christmas Wish” concept for a partnership between the Clinic and In Balance Continuum of Care, an organization committed to serving young men in their journey of recovery from substance abuse.

The “In Balance Christmas Wish” program creates an opportunity for the young men of In Balance to volunteer with our families during the holidays. They get to know our families through compassionate letters written by the social work team at Children’s Clinics and then provide gifts, clothes, and other necessities to kids with complex medical conditions, their siblings, and their guardians. They then create an experience for our families at the Clinic, where the In Balance choir performs Christmas carols, the young men share a meal with our families, and provide a day-long holiday event full of laughter and cheer. One of the young men dons his finest Santa Suit and they each take turns presenting families with their gifts.

Volunteer support from In Balance grew outside of the holiday season in 2019. Anthony, the Barrasso family, and the volunteers of In Balance began supporting our Adaptive Recreation program, where their volunteers helped many children of varying abilities participate in sports like basketball, soccer, and tennis. This community service recognition is a small token of our gratitude.”

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