Volunteer engagement surveys are conducted to solicit key information from volunteers on a variety of topics, including values, engagement, diversity and inclusion, leadership and management, colleagues, communication, work environment and culture.

What’s the purpose of volunteer engagement surveys?

Volunteer engagement surveys allow organizations to use input from volunteers to review and improve their programs. Insights from volunteers are incredibly useful in determining areas that are working well or need improvement. Additionally, a survey can help organizations understand how to grow their volunteer base and increase volunteer satisfaction.

In short, a strategic volunteer engagement survey provides organizations with an insider perspective on how they are meeting their organizational goals—and can help guide decision making for a stronger future.

What are the benefits?

Volunteer engagement surveys provide data with relevance to several key areas, including:

  • Volunteer recruitment and retention: Understand levels of volunteer engagement and the key factors that drive this.
  • Volunteer effectiveness: Hear it straight from the volunteers – do they find their work meaningful? Do they feel they are making an impact?
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Anonymous surveys are a protected avenue to assess the experiences of those working at your organization, especially marginalized groups. This is critical to identifying and addressing concerns and creating an inclusive organization.
  • Strategic Planning: Volunteers are uniquely positioned as people who work closely with the organization but are not employees. They often can provide noteworthy insights that can help your organization understand what to celebrate and what needs work.

How can organizations implement volunteer surveys?

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