As volunteer managers you possess a valuable collection of experience and expertise on this topic because your job demands creativity, resourcefulness and overcoming the challenges of working with a diverse group of volunteers.

Let us help each other build better strategies for appreciating our volunteers’ efforts.

Bring the stories of your successes and duds and we will examine the different ways you each appreciate your volunteers (through recognition, rewards, retention) and we will discover the answers to these questions together”

  1. Recognition: How do your volunteers know that you and/or your organization appreciate their time, efforts and talents?
  2. Rewards: What do you do to reward the efforts of your volunteers? What types of rewards?
  3. Retention: What are your strategies for retaining good volunteers?  How do you work with those who don’t work out?

We will explore why some things work well and some not so much…just in time for Volunteer Recognition Week April 7-13.

The roundtable moderator is Diane Diamond, the Volunteer Communications and Workshop Manager for the Green Valley Sahuarita Volunteer Clearinghouse. Diane brings a lifetime of volunteering (her cousin always asked if she entered a meeting room with her hand in the air) and a career in adult education and professional development.