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Meet the entrepreneur who built an accessible list of locally Black Owned Businesses for the Tucson community.

Find out how and why Ashley La Russa with a team of Black Business Owners and Creatives developed the #BlaxFriday Project with a website, app, and virtual event to spotlight Black Businesses.

It’s a success story you won’t want to miss at this pivotal time in history!

The #BlaxFriday Project provides Tucson with a positive step forward towards recognizing the true value of our local Black Businesses and how, against all odds, they seek equity through economic empowerment.

Find Black Owned Businesses in Tucson at or Download Blax Friday from the App Store.

  • Find out how the project was created and grew so quickly
  • Examine the goals and how they are being accomplished
  • Discover the value of dialogues through volunteers, virtual events and community outreach

Ashley La Russa founded Roux Events in 2019, an event management company with a primary focus on supporting the growth of organizations and community leaders that foster equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives.

She took the time during the pandemic downturn to develop the #BlaxFridayProject and created an accessible list of Black Businesses in Tucson and met the goals of building a website, app, and online event this past June. She is an event planner. Find out how she made it all happen!