Tucson Foundations is proud to provide underwriting support to bring to Tucson an expert in the profession of volunteerism, the former President of the Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE).

Dana Litwin is a transformational coach, strategic advisor, and public speaker with a background in team building, environmental conservation and sustainability.

Since 2002, Dana has guided organizations in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and nationwide to produce breakthrough volunteer and community engagement programs, as well as board and advisory committee development.

Drawing upon 20+ years in improv theater, Dana delivers innovative, humorous and engaging keynote addresses and seminars, in addition to customized training, educational materials and multi-media presentations.

SAVMA is excited to have Dana Litman join us in 2020 not only as our Keynote speaker, but she will also offer a workshop on How to Inspire, Fire, or Move Challenging Volunteers immediately following the recognition event, a separate ticket is required for the workshop.