The most important audience to engage with as a non-profit are your true believers – your volunteers.  Build and sustain a volunteer communications plan that will bolster internal and external goals.

Gain an understanding of and the skills to construct, monitor and measure results from a volunteer communications plan.  This requires a unique combination of professional PR tactics and community building.  Along with learning how to combine these elements, you’ll also learn how to determine the specific, measurable results you want and which will support your choice of strategic tools.

Elaine Walsh founded E Comm International, Inc. in 1995. The mission of E Comm International, Inc. is to give customers marketing and sales with accountability and velocity and to do it today. Not someday in the future. Every organization is a story telling organization. You have a unique story to tell. Be in charge of your story to create compelling sales messages that connect with customers in a profound way and use that story to bring vision and results to your organization. That’s what we call marketing with velocity. We know that for your business, the future is now.