Like many organizations, the board members of the Southern Arizona Volunteer Management Association began asking big questions about how to move forward once COVID-19 changed the nature of our work. Here is a look at a few changes that we have made that will be in effect through the end of the year.

Virtual Programming to Continue

We work hard to ensure that we provide our members with quality professional development workshops and programs each month. Starting in April, we began offering our programs virtually to members and guests and will continue to offer virtual programming throughout the rest of the year. We were pleased to see that more people could take advantage of virtual offerings as driving time was no longer a barrier and hope that more people can continue to benefit from our monthly programs.

The SAVMA Awards 2021

Sadly, due to the uncertainty surrounding health and safety requirements and our current capacity, the board voted to cancel the Volunteer Recognition Event for Southern Arizona, known as SAVMA Awards for 2021. Instead, we hope to offer an alternate event that celebrates volunteerism and engages the community and plan to continue the SAVMA Awards in 2022.

Leadership Changes

Gina Hansen has been voted in as the acting President of SAVMA as Tori Carlson has stepped down to focus on recovering from an injury. Jessica Dennes has been voted in as the Communications Chair filling a vacant position and Alexei Marquez was voted in as a member at large.

New Social Media Accounts

SAVMA now has an active YouTube account where members and followers can find recordings of our monthly programs. We have also reconnected our LinkedIn account. Expect to see more content as the year progresses. Please follow SAVMA on these platforms and Facebook If you haven’t done so already.

Email with any questions.