Check out this list of companies that provide financial contributions to nonprofits where employees and retirees volunteer on a regular basis. Consider it as one of several volunteer engagement strategies that drive impact, build relationships and generate income for your education, income and health priorities.

Bank of America
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation offers a grant program for employees and retirees who volunteer on a regular basis. Grants for USD $250 are awarded for 50 hours of service, and grants for USD $500 are awarded for 100 hours of service. Click here for details.

Through the Gift Match program, financial donations and volunteer hours are matched in any combination up to USD $6,000 per year to eligible non-profit organizations. Click here for details.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group
The ACTIONeer Program and ACTION Nation Month encourage employees at a DPS site to collectively contribute 50 volunteer hours to a nonprofit organization and earn a $1,000 grant for the nonprofit organization. Click here for details.

A USD $500 grant is awarded to a charitable, non-profit organization after an eligible participant, or group, volunteers at least 20 hours of their time to the organization during a calendar year. Click here for details.

General Motors
The Dollars for Doers Program awards a USD $200 donation from the General Motors Foundation to an eligible organization for which employees donate 50 or more hours of volunteer service within the calendar year. Click here for details.

Individual employees and retirees are eligible to receive up to USD $3,500 in technology grants or USD $1,000 in cash awards per year for organizations where they regularly volunteer. Employees must volunteer for a minimum of 8 hours a month for five months. Click here for details.

After a minimum of 20 hours has been accrued by Intel employees volunteering at a school or qualified non-profit organization, a match of USD $10 per hour volunteered will be triggered from the Intel Foundation with a maximum of USD $15,000 for schools, and USD $10,000 for other non-profits per year. Click here for details.

Kimberly Clark
Volunteer efforts of employees and their spouses, or domestic partners of at least 30 hours can be matched by USD $500 grants to the charitable organizations to which they volunteer. Each employee can request one USD $500 grant per year. Each spouse or domestic partner can request an additional USD $500 grant per year. Click here for details.

Employees who volunteer and log at least 25 hours, can request a USD $100 grant for that organization. Eligible organizations much be registered at Click here for details.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
PwC partners or staff that volunteer at least 25 hours their personal time with a qualifying nonprofit organization will make that organization eligible to receive up to USD $1,500; employees can also earn USD $125 referral grants for telling PwC colleagues about Dollars for Doers (up to four referrals a year = $500); and when a PwC partner or staff member raises money for a cause, that money can be matched up to USD $500 per year. Click here for details.

The 2 Million and Change initiative allows Staples associates around the world to direct funding to non-profit organizations focused on education or job skills. Click here for more details.

US Bank
For every hour an employee volunteers, he or she can earn $5 for the nonprofit for which they volunteer. Employees must volunteer for at least five hours before requesting a grant and can earn up to USD $200 annually. Click here for details.