Community Service Recognition: Kuykendall & Associates

In January, SAVMA celebrated volunteerism at the 2020 SAVMA Awards, a volunteer recognition event for all of Southern Arizona. Organizations were invited to nominate individuals for a Community Service Recognition in honor of their exceptional giving and spirit of service. Throughout the month of April, we will be highlighting these individuals and their nomination as part of VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION MONTH!

Kuykendall & Associates: Law firm located in Tucson, AZ

The Kuykendall & Associates law firm believes that justice is best served when people unjustly accused of a crime have legal representation that is as strong and well-resourced as that of the accusers. In the case of Scott Warren, charged with the felony of harboring for providing humanitarian aid to people in distress, the accusers had the power and resources of the US Department of Justice. Greg Kuykendall, Amy Knight, and other members of the team at Kuykendall & Associates, represented Scott on a pro-bono basis, believing that he and the other members of the humanitarian aid community lack the resources to fight the battle on an equal footing. And, in the end, this small but powerful Tucson law firm prevailed. Their work as volunteers for Scott Warren make it possible for the thousands of volunteers who provide humanitarian aid in the Arizona desert to continue that work without fear of arrest.

Brian Best

Pictured, Greg Kuykendall

“Because lawyers have such a large amount of power, power we wield simply because of the out-sized status society gives to our law degrees, I have always believed lawyers should use that power constructively and responsibly. Pro bono work lets us give that power to people who otherwise would never have access to it; lets us level a grossly unfair playing field and by doing so, give those clients a shot at justice. “

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