Community Service Recognition: Jon and Rosemary Beck

In January, SAVMA celebrated volunteerism at the 2020 SAVMA Awards, a volunteer recognition event for all of Southern Arizona. Organizations were invited to nominate individuals for a Community Service Recognition in honor of their exceptional giving and spirit of service. Throughout the month of April, we will be highlighting these individuals and their nomination as part of VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION MONTH!

Jon and Rosemary Beck: Resource Volunteers

“People often share that they feel something extraordinary when they walk into Literacy Connects. They describe feelings of joy, inclusivity, and love of learning. What they don’t realize is that our space is not extraordinary; our volunteers are.

Since 2016, Jon and Rosemary have shared close to 900 hours of their skilled time with Literacy Connects. What makes this husband and wife duo so extraordinary is their willingness to say “”YES.”” There is no ego in the work they do; Jon and Rosemary welcome every task big and small with genuinity and joy because they trust the work our organization does, and they believe in the mission of Literacy Connects.

Jon volunteers as a handyman due in part to his laid back manner. Since we have a very “”mature”” building needing constant upkeep, there always seems to be a job for him. Jobs he welcomes with a smile.

Rosemary has amazing eyes for detail and splits her time between data entry clerk and snack fairy for the hospitality team. She is perfect at the “”behind the scenes”” details that make our events and volunteer training’s successful.

But, their most crucial role at Literacy Connects is on the Community Outreach Team. Here, they share their experiences and support of our mission. As former small business owners, they understand that communities really do thrive when we invest in the people that live in them.”


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