A new $25.00 per year membership category has been added for college students. Membership in this category is open to students in a two- or four-year degree granting, certificate, or diploma program at an accredited college or university.

The following member benefits apply to this new category.

SAVMA can benefit you!

  • Networking with colleagues and access to experts in the field
  • Inspiration for meeting the challenges of today
  • Support for those seeking their Certified Volunteer Administrator Certification
  • Access to Peer Mentor Program
  • Benchmarks for success and future growth
  • Displays your commitment to ethics and accountability in volunteer management
  • Member discounts to trainings and events
  • Association with ALIVE (Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement) and access to their trainings and events
  • Access to Webinars and Member only content
  • Résumé building