Open Nominations Are Underway!

Every person is right for leadership, every voice deserves to be heard and SAVMA Board of Directors is that Leadership Table. In less than 10 hours a month you can play a critical role in your own professional development and those of your peers. You can lead the way. Many hands make light work and with SAVMA in growth mode we need all hands on deck to meet our ambitious goals. Step forward by emailing to self nominate.



  • Presides at and leads general membership and board meetings
  • Aids committee members in generating new ideas or finding solutions for challenges
  • Serves as ex-officio on all committees

President- Elect

  • Presides in the absence of the President
  • Provides succession planning support
  • Serves as ex-officio on all committees as needed


  • Creates, authenticates, and preserves minutes and other corporate documentation.
  • Manages and certifies the validity of proxies at general membership meetings.
  • Receives, records and reports communication on behalf of the organization (including resignations)
  • Picks up mail from the PO Box
  • Makes bank deposits as a non-signer on the company account


The Treasurer is the officer primarily responsible for the management and reporting of SAVMA’s finances. The Treasurer has possession of the corporate check book and has signing power on the account. The Treasurer submits a report to the Board at each board meeting.

  • Submits the IRS form 990 annually
  • Chairs the Governance and Administration Committee

Committee Chairs

All SAVMA committees are chaired by a Director. Members of each committee can come from the general membership, but the chair must be a Director.

  • Sets and distribute agendas, meeting notices, and minutes
  • Ensure minutes are taken and submitted to the Chair of the Board
  • Facilitates committee meetings
  • Develop committee goals and objectives that are connected to the strategic plan
  • Ensure all committee members are actively assigned projects as this is where the work of the board is accomplished
  • Help the committee formulate philosophy statements, and recommendations and motions to the Board of Directors
  • Plan for committee sustainability by recruiting new members with pertinent skills and talents to the work of the committee

Committee Descriptions

  • Membership: Purpose shall be to recruit, retain, and support the membership of SAVMA.
  • Program and Events: Purpose shall be to coordinate monthly professional development and networking meetings for the general membership including arranging for presenters and securing facilities.
  • Communications: Purpose shall be to communicate with SAVMA’s membership and local media through the integration of the organization’s fundraising, marketing, and service delivery activities.
  • Governance and Administration: To ensure that the board meets its legal, ethical, and functional duties related to corporate filings, financial management, policy development, review, implementation and oversight. Supports activities related to financial management and reporting and board education, monitoring of board activities, and evaluation of board members’ performance.