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Presentation: Work that Conversation!

The Chemistry of Conversations “This talk introduces some tools of Conversational Intelligence®. So much of what we do and experience happens through conversations; from internal self-talk to external talk with family, work and friends. In this fun and interactive session, you will learn how to influence your conversations toward connection and trust. If you are wanting to build healthy, thriving relationships, teams and organizations, Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) give us insight into how our brain responds during conversations, and how conversations activate our trust and distrust networks in our brain.

Conversations either open us up or close us down. Learning about C-IQ gives us new conversational skills and insights about the hormones, Cortisol and Oxytocin which activate our ability in how we respond, interact and influence others. You will experience simple shifts of awareness that will impact your conversations going forward.

Professional Learning Objectives:

1. Experience the neurochemistry of conversations
2. Learn how to influence conversations toward trust, engagement and connection

About the Presenter: Molly McCormick, MA, CPC, C-IQ Coach

Molly McCormick coaches individual clients, solopreneurs and small businesses seeking clarity and confidence to reach their goals. Clients speak of her humor and have said: “I never knew change could be so much fun.” After certification as a C-IQ Coach, she has been using the tools of Conversational Intelligence® to work with organization and business teams seeking increased engagement and motivation. She has found that teams embracing Conversational Intelligence® tools enjoy greater innovation and connection because of understanding the impact of trust in their relationships.