2019 Arizona Summit on Volunteerism and Civic Engagement Workshop RFP

Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family
Deadline for Submission: July 26, 2019
Selection Notification: August 14, 2019
Summit Date: November 7, 2019

Request for Proposals
Workshop proposals are requested from presenters that will engage volunteers, volunteer managers, civic engagement leaders, service-learning practitioners, public and private educational institutions, government agencies, nonprofits, youth groups, community and faith-based groups, AmeriCorps and Senior Corps Members, Citizen Corps groups, service clubs, corporation and business leaders in preparing for a new age of volunteerism, civic engagement and service-learning in our communities.

Summit audiences will include urban and rural participants and will represent various types of organizations and program models. We seek sessions that include beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All presenters should keep in mind the diversity of the expected participants and provide presentations that speak to specific audiences or to all.

Criteria for Selection
Sessions will be selected that effectively address volunteerism and/or service-learning and the Summit theme: Inspire. Energize. Mobilize. Workshops should be clear, original, have practical application, and actively engage the participants. Presenters are asked to provide interactive activities which will effectively engage the audience. Please identify the category for which you will apply so that summit organizers can be sure to provide a balance of session topics for attendees, including:

• Volunteerism – Assessing organizational/community needs, effective practices volunteer program organization, management & supervision, training, recruitment, retention, recognition, collaborations with community agencies, liability and safety, mentoring, developing advocates, utilizing technology to get involved, current volunteer trends.

• Service Enterprise — Relating to one the key characteristics, including: mission-driven design, committed organizational leadership, aligned resource allocation, tracking and evaluating volunteer results, sustaining ongoing volunteer engagement, raising funds in support of volunteer engagement efforts, offering effective training, volunteer on-boarding and supervision, effectively using technology and partnering to extend reach.

• Civic Engagement – Working to make a difference in in the quality of life of our communities by developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values, motivation combined with positive action to make that difference.

• Service-Learning (S-L) – Connecting service with academic curriculum, using S-L to teach Arizona College & Career Readiness Standards, 21st Century Skills, or other curricula; establishing service projects to connect to learning; integrated and stand-alone S-L courses; S-L implementation; research involving impact of S-L on academic success.

• Faith-Based  – Highlighting the work of faith-based organizations to address community needs. Showcasing successful programming from a faith-based perspective that can be replicated across the state and engage local communities.

• National Service – Relating to helping national service members begin to consider future employment or service options at the conclusion of their service term and how they can highlight their service experiences as a means to attaining future opportunities.

Learn about the submission process online here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LQ7CXJC?fbclid=IwAR3uqsk2RlNgEpHNj6Z25schowbe9W3P9sSVLz88qpC1Tx66paIJKKocY3c