SAVMA Skills Survey- Now Open

The Volunteer Administrator Skills Assessment is now open to all Volunteer Management professionals in our area. It will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete this survey and we could use your help. If you already completed the survey, thank you for your commitment to improving the profession. This assessment is for Volunteer Administrators or

  • Ways to show appreciation to your volunteer manager with photo of people applauding

Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Volunteer Manager

  In honor of International Volunteer Managers Day, we celebrate the achievements of the leaders of volunteers. These are the individuals recruit, train, and engage volunteers throughout the year. They also troubleshoot countless issues that arise, plan stellar events, and implement ways to show appreciation for the service of committed individuals. Volunteer Managers are essential

Random Acts of Kindness Week

The following post is written by Sierra Horsey, a SAVMA Member and new member of the SAVMA Communications Committee. Sierra is the Volunteer Program Coordinator at Reid Park Zoo.  _____ Random Act of Kindness Week It’s no secret that 2020 was a year filled with unprecedented events and challenges. These challenges caused feelings of fear, anxiety,

Ask a Volunteer Manager: Alexander Swain

Q&A with Alexander Alexander Swain is the Volunteer Services Coordinator at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Originally from a town near Ann Arbor, Michigan, Alexander studied Biology at Hope College in Holland, MI. After graduating, he attended the University of PIttsburgh to get a Masters degree in Neuroscience. Alexander has also

Ask a Volunteer Manager: Genie Patterson

Get to Know Genie Patterson   Genie Patterson is the Volunteer Coordinator for Heartland Hospice. Born in Tucson, Arizona, she graduated from the University of Arizona with BA in Anthropology and Museum Studies while working in the family business. Her family was in the restaurant business for 62 years in Tucson.

Ask a Volunteer Manager – Stacy Oliver

Ask a Volunteer Manager: September Spotlight Stacy Oliver is the Volunteer Services Manager for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Describe a memorable moment with volunteers. When the pandemic started in March, we didn’t have volunteers with us for several months because the National Guard stepped in, and we

Join the AL!VE Emerging Leaders Mentor Program- Applications Dues 9/4

Peer Mentors are the Answer! SAVMA Members have an Association Membership with AL!VE! So, if you are a member of SAVMA, you are also a member of AL!VE! and that includes the benefits of the: Emerging Leaders Mentor Program The Emerging Leaders Mentor Program is first designed to provide a platform for members to connect,

Ask a Volunteer Manager: Sierra Horsey

Q&A with Sierra Sierra Horsey is the Volunteer Program Coordinator at Reid Park Zoo. She helps manage the Zoo Crew, a group of teen volunteers who educate the public on resident animals and more! The Zoo Crew was named the Youth Volunteer Program of the Year for 2020 by SAVMA.