SAVMA’s Wildest Dreams as defined by members

SAVMA is a growing professional association with big goals. However, since we cannot take on everything today we have established this page to keep track of all our big ideas. If you see something here in which you have a personal interest in supporting with your time, talent or treasure please let us know. You can help SAVMA’s dreams become a reality.

  • Produce SAVMA Webinars
  • To have SAVMA Points of Light Trainers
  • Be a leader in social enterprise (three trainers to date, but we have bigger plans)
  • To have organizations look to SAVMA as subject matter experts in volunteerism (two calls this year, but we have further to go)
  • To become the Gold Star for Volunteer Management (need to define this as a membership)
  • To have more than 100 people attending SAVMA meetings/ programs (up to 25 as a high point)
  • To create such a prestigious BOD that there is a waiting list
  • To host CVA classes
  • To host book clubs on volunteerism

But wait, we have grown. We have almost doubled and we have taken on these items that used to be listed above! We could still use your help to keep these items sustainable, because we are only as strong as our membership!

  • To host a Volunteer Week Kick-Off event- We were at the Zoo in 2019!
  • To host an annual recognition event- attended by 320 on January 17, 2019
  • To host annual conferences