SAVMA is a professional association promoting excellence in the field of volunteer program management, providing educational programs, leadership, state-of-the-art information and resources, networking opportunities and support to the volunteer community throughout Southern Arizona.

The association is governed by a board of directors who are elected by members at the annual meeting of the membership (typically in December).

Standing Committees

All SAVMA members in good standing are encouraged to participate on a committee or task force. Charters for each committee can be found in the Policies section of this page.

Communications Committee: Purpose shall be to communicate with SAVMA’s membership and local media through the integration of the organization’s fundraising, marketing, and service delivery activities.

Membership Committee: Purpose shall be to recruit, retain, and support the membership of SAVMA.

Programs and Events Committee: Purpose shall be to coordinate monthly professional development and networking meetings for the general membership including arranging for presenters and securing facilities.

Governance and Administration Committee: Purpose shall be to ensure that the board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through adequate governance policy development, recruitment strategies for leadership, training programs for board members, monitoring of board activities, and evaluation of board members’ performance.


2017_04_21_Governance & Administration Committee Charter_Approved

2017_02_17_Communications Committee Charter_Approved

2017_02_17_Membership Committee Charter_Approved

2017_02_17_Programs and Events Committee Charter_Approved